To: HomeTown Health CEO's and Senior Staff:
From: Jimmy Lewis, CEO, HomeTown Health
RE: Join HomeTown Health at the Capitol! AGENDA ENCLOSED - CEO/EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP DAY ! FEBRUARY 8, 2018 8:00am - 3:00pm SEE ENCLOSED AGENDA- Register now

AGENDA- Register now if you have not already.

Many who have seen these agendas in the past have said these are the best most power packed agendas they ever see. That is to say this is the real thing to come be seen and heard on behalf of rural hospitals. Check the date on your calendar for this Thursday February 8, 2018 and plan to be there with your board Chairman and any other community or hospital leaders. This is not just for CEO’s but for the whole leadership team who can participate. It must be remembered that this is where the major part of your hospital's reimbursements come from. If you are not there to be heard then many other entities seeking financial assistance will take you money away.

Many will say, “I just don’t have time “or “it costs too much”. Be assured that you cannot afford not to come because if you don’t come then the governing world just passes you by. Since 85% of your hospital reimbursement is paid for by the government plus DSH and UPL, it is critical to be a visible player. Remember all of those interventions that HomeTown tells you about that you have requested to remain viable or survive, they are enhanced when you can say you have been there and seen them personally.

How about Business Partners – should you come? Yes!!! That answer lies in the fact that if as a business partner you do not fully understand what your clients are experiencing you cannot know how your service fits into their need. And….. where else can you come, support, and mingle with your clients so closely.

So, what does this day include?
  1. Exposure to senior governmental leadership in up close and personal conversations
  2. Exposure to the legislative process
  3. Mingle with peers
  4. Meeting people like the Governor, Lt Governor, Speaker and others
  5. A fully detailed agenda second to none – see below

We will also have the most current information on the major bills from their authors (Chairman Terry England – HB769 and Chairman Senator Dean BurkeSB357) that have been dropped in both houses, HB 81 the tax refund recovery bill (Chairman and representative Tom McCall), and they are:
  1. The link to both bills is as follows
    1. HB769 -
    2. SB357 -
    3. HB81 -
    4. HB678 -
  2. Also, will discuss the attack on 340B by what appears to be some larger hospitals

It will also be important for you as Rural Hospital Stabilization Committee Pilots and your project directors to attend to meet the people who funded this project. You will be able to share some of your results with your fellow hospital friends as well.

As a final note for instruction and invitation for the HomeTown CEO Day on Thursday February 8, 2018, i.e. this coming Thursday, the following information is offered to make your day a better day.
1) The day will be housed in Capitol Room 123. This is where we will meet for all of the agenda. A little tight for space but it is in the capitol so it is convenient. Men stand. Ladies sit.
2) It will be cold! High 54 and low of 33. Very windy! BRRRRRRR!
3) Time is critical so staying on schedule is critical. You snooze you lose. We absolutely must be/stay on schedule for people of this prestige to join us as scheduled. It will be your responsibility to find the group if you get lost or behind.
4) This ain’t no fashion show. Comfortable clothes and shoes. Stilettos for ladies are a “no! no!”
5) Respect in conversation with legislators is critical. Differing opinions are in order but respect must be shown in so doing! Important to express thanks for rural hearings through the summer! About 16 of them!! A true herculean task.
3) Security is very tight so know that you will have to go through security where you MUST have a photo ID and go through a scanner to be searched with a wand. No knives guns or other offensive devices
4) The agenda is great and the experience will be educational and memorable
5) You will be able to network with other health care executives in a time where networking is more important than ever before
6) You will seek feedback from the legislators who are making laws and policy that effect your hospital and business
7) You can offer input straight into the most powerful of the legislative and executive leadership
8) Your presence is a very loud and powerful statement where in the state house often it just very important to be seen
  1. a. If you ain’t there you can't be seen and while you are absent some other entity may take your hospital money.

Additionally, this will be a cornerstone for the 2018 HomeTown Leadership Development program participants, so attendance is critical.

We cannot put enough emphasis on the need for you to be seen and heard in this legislative process on this day. It is critical so as to preserve your budget allocations such as private DSH and Medicaid funding and to better understand the tax credit bill and surprise medical billing. For the many of you who have received some type of special consideration to get survival funds, policy, or other considerations for your hospital in recent months, this is the time to be seen, heard, and say “thank you”. This is also a great time to say thanks to legislators and policymakers who have participated on the policy maker tours or have encouraged their staff to participate. While you certainly appreciate it, they certainly appreciate it as well.

Also, if you have never been to the Capitol, this is a perfect time to do so and see Democracy at work and the history of the state so well preserved. Registration to attend is great as an indication of your serious interest. This is invitation only for the agenda! This is HomeTown’s value at its best!
Jimmy Lewis

HomeTown Health CEO's and Senior Staff:
Reference: Urgent!!Join HomeTown Health at the Capitol! AGENDA ENCLOSED - CEO/EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP DAY! FEBRUARY 8, 2018 8:00am - 3:00pm SEE ENCLOSED AGENDA- Register now

Once again, an amazing agenda with key legislative leadership agreeing to come see you as rural hospital leaders. Here is the Agenda! It is great! Be sure to call your legislator and let them know you will be there and want to talk to them. You may even ask them to drop by Room 123 to see you for a moment. If you are coming up night before you may invite them to dinner as well!

HomeTown Health
Rural Hospital CEO Day Agenda
Thursday, February 8, 2018
7:00AM – 8:00AM – Breakfast in Sloppy Floyd Restaurant – diagonally across
from Capitol – for those who get there early
8:00AM – 8:15AM - Introduction and orientation Capitol - Room 123
8:15AM – 8:30AM - Representative Debbie Buckner (member of Ways and
Means Committee in which rural hospital Tax Credit Bill originates) Capitol -
Room 123
8:30AM – 9:00AM - Representative Terry England, Health Appropriations
Chairman (from Auburn, GA) – Capitol - Room 123 (author HB769)
9:00AM - 9:30AM Capitol - Room 123
House Speaker David Ralston (from Blue Ridge)
House Health Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman, Representative Butch
Parrish (from Swainsboro and upper southeast Georgia)
Representative Sam Watson, Chair of Rural Caucus (from Moultrie)
9:30AM – 10:00AM - Meet and greet legislators on Capitol 3rd floor as they convene
for the session
10:00AM – 10:30AM - Photo and meet Governor Nathan Deal Governor’s office at Capitol
2nd floor
11:00AM - 12:00AM - Work the ropes and watch the session – 3rd floor Capitol and
House and Senate Gallery
12:00PM – 1:30PM - Lunch – Sloppy Floyd or CLOB restaurant – Invite your
legislators to lunch immediately as their schedules book up very quickly
1:30PM – 2:00PM - Senator Appropriations Chairman Jack Hill (Southeast
Georgia) – Capitol - Room 123
2:00PM – 2:15PM - Lt. Governor Casey Cagle – His Office on Capitol 2nd floor and
photo on steps
2:15-2:30 PM – Chairman Senator Dean Burke – Bainbridge Room 123 (Author of SB357)
2:15PM – 2:45PM - DCH Medicaid Chief, Blake Fullenwider - Capitol - Room 123
2:45PM – 3:00PM - Review and adjourn - Capitol - Room 123
All legislator’s participation is subject to their agenda of the day so we have to
be flexible. There also may be others added to this agenda.

Join HomeTown Health at the Capitol!


FEBRUARY 8, 2018

8:00am - 3:00pm

Don't miss this opportunity to have

face-to-face meetings with your state lawmakers!

Their decisions impact us all!!

Let us know you'll be there - Space is limited!!
This meeting is by invitation only to HomeTown members and invited guests. HomeTown has been conducting this for over ten years and it has become extremely effective. It allows you to:
  1. Come to the Capitol for the “Capitol” experience!
  2. Meet fellow hospital CEO’s with very common legislative interests and network in sharing ideas and political sameness. It will be a healthcare filled legislative session!
  3. Meet with your legislative Representatives and Senatorsto share your message with them of the need for budgetary and legislative support for the Provider Fee as opposed to Medicaid rate cuts, Tax Credit Bill, and Private DSH (see links for contact info).
  4. Hear the senior leadership of the House, Senate, and the Executive Branch share with you their understanding of the state’s budget status and to hear your hospital needs.
Please register to let us know that you will be there. Also, it is very important that you contact your legislator to make appointments with them for lunch on Thursday February 8th and or dinner the night before on Wednesday, February 7th. For lodging, please make your reservation at this link: The Embassy Suites in Buckhead, or call them at 404-261-7733. Tell them you are with HTH for the discounted rate, which expires on January 19th.

Please make this a priority.

Jimmy Lewis
HomeTown Health, LLC
Cell 770-363-7453
Office 770-781-4677 Fax 770-781-3825
"The Voice of Georgia's 55+ Rural Hospitals"

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