Thank you for making the 2016 HomeTown Spring Meeting a resounding success!!
Facts about the meeting:
1) Check out the attached agenda – every speaker made it and all were exceptional
2) Approximately 200 attendees were registered and attended
3) Evaluations were Excellent overall
4) The agenda was reported by some national travelers among conferences as one of the best ever
5) The Agenda was amazing, power packed and agreed by all as absolutely necessary and timely
6) The speakers universally said it was outstanding and they appreciated the opportunity to speak

What was said at the meeting?
1) The breakout session
  1. a. The Rural Hospital stabilization committee reported on its findings to date
i. Care coordination and case management were top of the findings to sustain
ii. Telemedicine is a critical part of the glue for survivable
iii. The many silos of health care in a community must talk to each other
iv. Paramedics and community medicine go hand in hand
  1. b. The revenue cycle
i. Attendees were reported to say that this was the best revenue cycle conversation they had ever heard
ii. Everyone agreed that this type of education is critical to survival
iii. Super speakers. Timely and relevant
  1. c. Technology in HIE’s and Rural Medical Home Networks
i. Every hospital and provider must be a part – no option to or be left behind
ii. The new technology front will be the arena of interfaces and interoperability
2) Keeping the H” in your HomeTown - Jimmy
  1. a. Hospitals by the numbers is a must -
i. Numbers being absolute performance benchmarks
  1. b. The future is critically more complex and technical
  2. c. Education – Education – Education
  3. d. Payroll interventions are a regular event anymore – don’t wait until it is too late to call us!
3) Population health as it relates to Big Data – Lisa Carhuff ORHS
  1. a. Laying the foundation for the 3 day subject of Population Health, Lisa Carhuff laid out the basis and source of Big Data and how it will impact rural hospitals
4) Legislative Update – Rep. Butch Parrish
  1. a. Among many key subjects was foremost , get involved and work the grass roots in your community. Stay in touch with your legislators during the summer and educate them well
  2. b. Urbanization is taking a toll on rural hospitals political presence
5) Care Coordination - Nancy Kamp of HMA
  1. a. Care Coordination and case management be will be the future of health care as emphasis is put on quality and cost control
  2. b. It will apply to all forms of future health care whether it be ACO’s, CMO’s, commercial, or exchanges
6) Behavioral Health – Debbie Atkins DBHDD
  1. a. There are many ways that rural hospitals can help themselves by being involved with their local CSB’s
  2. b. Go meet with them and exchange ideas
  3. c. There are many resources in behavioral health that can be taken advantage of just ask for them
7) Town Hall - Jimmy
  1. a. Dealt with over 20 questions over a 2 hour period , Was attended by nearly 50 people
  2. b. Very involved by all
8) Networking at MDR – was amazing how the networking works
  1. a. Said a number of people , “this time of networking is so important that I would not miss it!” Thank you MDR
9) The future of Medicaid and rural health care – 3 CMO Presidents
  1. a. Heard to be said by a full house of attendees “ this is unbelievable to have these three CMO presidents speaking to us for nearly an hour so spontaneously and answering these questions together”. They are real people. And they appreciate HomeTown because they said so.
  2. b. Priorities
i. Quality drivers will be the future
ii. Case management and care coordination
iii. Big Data – make sure you data is right!!!!
iv. Call on them and they will help
v. Access is critical to preserve
10) How the insurance market is influencing the rural hospitals – Russ Childers insurance agent
  1. a. The gaps in insurance coverage is creating bankrupt patients and hospitals with significant bad debt
i. It will get worse
  1. b. Know your local insurance agent
  2. c. Your business office has to be aware of changes to the exchanges that will and are occurring and how they will impact reimbursement
11) Preparing for an Active Shooter Threat – Mary Chandler of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  1. a. A very blunt and sobering conversation of the threat of an active shooter in a public setting
  2. b. Listening to the 911 call from Columbine was scary and sobering
  3. c. The topics for survival for were major and scary
  4. d. Be prepared to take action!!!
12) SB258 – HB919 – Rep. Geoff Duncan
  1. a. Two standing ovations and many rounds of applause for his work on SB258
  2. b. Riveting said many of his comments
  3. c. He went step by step through the process of development and approval and the various levels of opposition and how he overcame them
  4. d. His passion for rural hospitals and health care shown through with amazing zeal
13) Paramedics and EMS in community medicine – Paul Beamon – Tenet Paramedicine
  1. a. He connected the dots in care coordination and case management
  2. b. Showed a real world example for an ROI for Case Management and Care Coordination
14) Business Partners
  1. a. HomeTown has about 60 and nearly 50 of them showed up for rural hospitals to network with about the latest in “best practices”
  2. b. All attendees continue to say this is one of their best conferences that they go to
  3. c. Check them out!

The major takeaways after listening to all speakers may be
1) Big data will drive your hospitals survival
  1. a. Know what it is and where it is and how your hospital feeds into it in ways that you may not even know
2) Case management and Care Coordination will be absolutely necessary from this point going forward
3) CMO’s will be driven heavily by Quality parameters that in turn will be fed by rural hospital data
4) Telemedicine is the future – fort these not accepting it the surrounding provider will take up the revenue volume slack
5) SB 258 is a major new focus on the survival of rural hospitals
6) Be prepared for a threat!!
7) Paramedicine and community medicine will compliment and be a part of care coordination and case management

The presentations are available upon request.

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