Great News!! See attached photos
Reference: Important!! Governor Deal signs SB 258 - the Tax Credit bill

Great news in that Governor Nathan Deal has signed SB 258 , the bill including the rural hospital tax credit bill. He did so on Tuesday this week and it can be seen in the attached photos.

1) Rep. Duncan did a great job in explaining the bill when he attended and spoke to the HomeTown Spring Meeting
2) Bill
  1. a. as signed is found at following link -
  2. b. is now signed into law
  3. c. will take effect as January 1, 2017 as far a programmatically soliciting money from donors
  4. d. will require a substantial regulation development to cover it including
  5. e. 5 year plan
  6. f. Eligible hospitals
  7. g. 990 form adaption
  8. h. Donor eligibility
  9. i. These among other items
  10. j. These are several ancillary requirements that will require regulation to be developed through the summer
3) Several summary links are as follows
  1. a.
  2. b.
  3. c.
4) HomeTown will be providing training sessions on how to do this toward end of summer 2016 as regulations are published
5) HomeTown offered unwavering support for the bill from day one even as opposition got rigorous in the last days

This is a major step for many rural hospitals to begin to plan their futures.

Once again thanks to Rep. Geoff Duncan for drafting the bill and to Governor Nathan Deal for signing the bill. Thanks to Senator Fran Millar for agreeing to allow his original bill SB 258 to become a germane vehicle to carry the original HB 919 all the way to completion.

Great work was done by you as HomeTown members and supporters as you worked very hard on the grass roots efforts to help push this to completion. Great work!!!